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Molly Moon's Shop, Truck, and Dog Are In a Hip-Hop Video

Local duo Brothers from Another release the video to their track "Molly Moon."

By Allecia Vermillion October 4, 2012

Geo from Blue Scholars takes the famous truck--and canine--out for a spin. His best line: I've been pining like a conifer.

 Up-and-coming local hip-hop duo Brothers from Another just released the video for their song "Molly Moon", a summery anthem to gents wooing young ladies, namely taking them out for those "scoops that be timeless, not that flavor of the week." The Brothers, made up of MCs Goonstar and Breez, called in some local hip-hop elders, namely Thig Nat from the Physics and Geo from Blue Scholars, for a lyrical assist.

The video is shot in the Molly Moon's shop on Capitol Hill, and owner Molly Moon Neitzel even handed over the keys to her signature turquoise ice cream truck and Parker Posey, her beloved Frenchton who also happens to be the ice creamery's mascot. Sadly Moon makes no cameos in the video, passing up on perhaps her only chance for hip hop video superstardom.



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