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The Hideout Brings in a Bunch of Rockstar Bartenders

Mixers from Canon, Vessel, Smith, and more are dropping by throughout September.

By Christopher Werner September 6, 2012

Canon's Jared Scarr gets behind the stick at the Hideout.

The city's bartenders are a convivial bunch, as evidenced by places like Vessel where the roster regularly rotates. Plenty of other establishments function with that same welcoming attitude, including this month The Hideout. On Saturday the stellar First Hill haunt kicked off a series of guest bartenders with Nabil Sharif of Rumba.

Here's who's on tap the rest of the month:

Sept 7 & 14: Pete Christiansen of Smith
Sept 8: (the elusive) Ian Cargill of Vito's and Vessel
Sept 15 & 22: Jared Scarr of Canon
Sept 28: Miles Thomas of Scrappy's Bitters

A to-be-determind tender is scheduled for the 19th.

In other Hideout news, manager Kristen Naranjo is also now running the show at Greg Lundgren's other bar, Vito's.

Update 9/7: Naranjo (who you maybe knew asĀ Kristen Finstad before her wedding) writes to say the Royal Room's Tara McLaughlin will fill in on Sept 21. And down at Vito's she's "tapped a goldmine of incredible talent," including Bryn Lumsden (formerly of Rob Roy), Will Ritthaler (formerly of Sun Liquor), and Rene Rodriguez of Tavern Law and Needle and Thread.

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