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'Tis the Season for Pumpkin-Flavored Things

Temperatures may be lingering in the 70s, but the calendar says it's time to savor the gourd.

By Danielle Zorn September 4, 2012


A not-so-subtle reminder of Pike Brewing's pumpkin beer

As if dragging yourself back to work after a long weekend wasn't proof enough that the summer is theoretically over, Labor Day's conclusion also means restaurants, bars, bakeries, and coffee shops around town are switching seasonal gears and breaking out various pumpkin-flavored specialty items. 

Top Pot
No one has yet broken into one of this doughnut shop's locations to score one, but Top Pot's annual old-fashioned pumpkin doughnut release does inspire considerable excitement. Pumpkin old fashions return today, September 4, and just in time for the new location in South Lake Union, which opened this morning.

Today also marks the return of the Mermaid's pumpkin spice lattes, a drink members of the Starbucks nation wait for patiently all winter, spring, and summer. So great is this drink's fan base that Starbucks now puts on a social media contest each year, with the winning town scoring an early debut for the spiced latte. This year's victor, by the way, was Leavenworth.  

Pasteria Lucchese
Look for the unassuming pasteria in the north end of the Ballard Farmers Market, where married owners Sara and Sam offer their unique pumpkin cappellacci, little hat-shaped pastas, made from market neighbor Oxbow’s organic sugar pumpkins. Come October, try pairing the pumpkin pasta with a bit of melted butter and bay leaves.  

Portage Bay
Forget pumpkin flavor, why not just eat a pumpkin? Back in October by popular demand, the breakfast cafe will offer mini organic sugar pumpkins, stuffed and baked with challah and pumpkin bread pudding, mascarpone cheese, rum, and organic raisins all for $14. The dollop of whip cream is optional.

A perfect cafe for night owls or early birds, the breakfast joint, open from 12am to 4pm, will be offering the fan-favorite pumpkin oat pancakes, set to arrive in October.

Elysian Brewery, Pike Brewing, and what seems like every brewery in town
The self-proclaimed pumpkinheads at Elysian have conjured up an impressive 13 styles of pumpkin beer for its annual Great Pumpkin Beer Fest on October 19 & 20, part of a grand total of 60 pumpkin beers, from breweries across the country and the world (tickets are on sale now). Count on Pike Brewing showcasing its Harlot's Harvest Pike Pumpkin Ale, made carefully with rich flavorful malts by head brewer Dean Mochizuki. Owner Charles Finkel designed the saucy label.

Bluebird Microcreamery
It’d be boring to only announce the arrival of this ice cream shop’s standard pumpkin ice cream. So we won’t. Partnering with brewmeister neighbors at Elysian, the boys at Bluebird will feature three pumpkin-beer ice creams, debuting at the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, before making the rounds at its three store locations. 



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