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Veggie Grill Coming to University Village

The purveyor of much-loved vegan comfort food plans another location in Seattle (and the first one opens this month).

By Allecia Vermillion August 1, 2012


No meat or dairy here. Photo via Veggie Grill.

 Veggie Grill, the fast-casual restaurant with a 100-percent plant-based (ie vegan) menu, has already announced plans to open in Amazonia, at the corner of Terry and Republican. Today the company gave the official word that another location is coming to University Village.

The South Lake Union location is due to open in August, according to a rep for the company, and the University Village address will follow in a few months. Veggie Grill already has quite the enraptured fan base surrounding its locations in Southern California (and two in the Portland area). If you didn’t know the meat and dairy were lacking, the menu of buffalo wings, nachos, carne asada, and cheeseburgers looks like your typical restaurant fare. Good vegetarian or vegan versions of comfort foods like these are hard to come by; the company uses “veggie-meats” made with a combo of wheat and soy proteins and carrot fiber, seasoned and marinated for flavor. The menu also has overtly plant-based dishes like a kale salad that has a following rivaling the one at Skillet Diner.

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