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Unsung Bar Heroes: Pub at Piper's Creek

A friendly spot that takes its beer and smoked meat seriously.

By Allecia Vermillion August 14, 2012


Photo via Pub at Piper's Creek Facebook page.

 It's Unsung Heroes week here on Sauced, in which readers chime in with their favorite underappreciated watering holes.

The Pub at Piper’s Creek

Open since: 1999
Why it’s awesome: Sauced reader Emilia Arnold says the beer selection is great, as are the burgers, which happen to be half price on Mondays. She also sang the praises of the “refreshingly unpretentious” vibe and bartender Carlo, “a total pro, and he seems to know everyone’s name.”

This bar, near Greenwood Ave N and N 105th Street, is also popular amongst local beer types, for the aforementioned beer selection, as well as the annual smoke-off that usually involves a life-sized pig piñata and a bevy of grilled and smoked meats. This year’s meat revelry, by the way, happens Saturday, August 18.


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