Four wheels; one wiener. Photo via the Oscar Mayer Facebook page.

 The following sentence is a difficult one for a person plagued with a juvenile (and, one might say, indecorous) sense of humor, so let me just get through this quickly: The venerable Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be in town this week, dispensing whistles shaped like wieners. What, you find something funny?

 Here’s the great irony of America’s original food truck: Despite its shape, this vehicle doesn’t dispense any actual wieners. What it does dispense: wienercentric photo ops, family-friendly good times, and digital postcards of both of those things. Oh, and lots of hot dog puns as well.

 The vehicular tubesteak dates back to 1936, but these days, a crop of freshfaced recent college grads pilot the fleet of giant wieners, after about 40 hours of training. These kids' job is way more fun than yours.

Crew members Kevin Bacon Bits and Lots of Ketchup Lisa (who presumably encounters great hostility among dog purists in Chicago) will be hitting up grocery stores in Woodinville Bothell, Shoreline, Bellevue, Lake Forest Park, and other area cities in the coming days. The Wienermobile (license plate IWISHIWR) kicks things off on Thursday, August 30, from 9 to noon at the Albertson’s at 22621 Bothell Everett Highway S (c'mon, no Seattle stop?). For the remainder of the Washington wiener tour, which runs through September 2, keep tabs on its hot dogger blog.

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