Ballard's latest brewery, Reuben's Brews, opened its doors this past Sunday to some serious beer-drinking weather. The neighborhood is becoming peppered with establishments making good beer, so much so that Washington Beer Blog's Kendall Jones has a movement afoot to christen this part of eastern Ballard (home to Hilliard's, Maritime Pacific, NW Peaks, and the forthcoming Populuxe) an official brewery district. 

But Reuben's has generated special excitement among beer geeks. Owner Adam Robbings won some pretty impressive awards for his beers as a home brewer; this Roasted Rye PA won the people's choice award at the Phinney Neighborhood Association's winter beer event, a feat pretty much unheard of for someone not attached to a commercial brewery. 

Now the English-, American-, and German-leaning ales are pouring at this airy industrial space at 1406 NW 53rd Street. Robbings, his wife Grace, and brother-in-law and fellow brewer Mike Pfeiffer keep the taproom open 3–8 on Thursday and Friday, noon–8 on Saturday, and noon–5 on Sundays. Aside from Reuben's brewers night at Naked City this evening at 6, the taproom is just about the only place to sample these beers. If Robbings was creating award-winning beers using his home kit, just think of what he can do with a professional system at his disposal.

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