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Sauced Wants to Know Your Unsung Bar Hero

Don't be selfish; show some love for your favorite underappreciated neighborhoodie, dive bar, brewpub, or swank cocktail destination.

By Allecia Vermillion July 31, 2012

Canon: Great, but not exactly underappreciated. Photo via Canon's Facebook.

 Earlier in July, Nosh Pit spent a week celebrating some restaurants we deem unsung heroes—places that quietly do what they do, and do it awfully well, while too many of us scramble along from one new, buzzy place to the next.

Well, frankly, we enjoyed it. So much so that we decided it’s high time to sing the praises of local bars that aren’t accustomed to the spotlight. 

A favorite bar is a personal thing. Oftentimes proximity to home is enough to deem something a favorite, but great music, solicitous (or comely) bartenders, and comfortable seating help, too. And there’s always the small matter of good drinks.

Let us know your pick for an unsung local bar (and why it rocks) by Monday, August 6, and we will spend the week of August 13 paying tribute to places around Seattle. Sure, you can leave them in the comments, but emailing us at [email protected] helps us retain an element of surprise.

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