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Reuben’s Brews Opens August 5

Brewer Adam Robbings already has a following. Now he’s got a brewery.

By Allecia Vermillion July 16, 2012

Co-owner Grace Robbings is a teacher by day, so she came up with the “think” category on the taproom’s beer list. It’s meant to do away with all the geeky talk of ABVs and IBUs and distill a beer down to a simple description, li

A new brewery opens next month in…you guessed it…Ballard. Back in December, Sauced wrote about Reuben’s Brews and its plans for a taproom at 1406 NW 53rd Street, and owners Adam and Grace Robbings plan to open the industrial-style rollup door on August 5.

The setup at Reuben’s is quintessential Seattle microbrewery—an industrial location where a taproom setup shares space with the tanks and brewing equipment. The bar and benches (made with 99.9 percent recycled matter, per the brewery’s major commitment to sustainability) are moveable so the Robbingses can set them aside when it’s time to actually brew.

Reuben’s is named for Adam and Grace’s son, who thoughtfully gave his father a homebrew kit for his first-ever Father’s Day gift; having a brewery named in his honor will most likely guarantee young Reuben popular kid status in high school. It didn’t take long for his dad’s creations to land on the radar of local beer geeks; his Roasted Rye PA took home first place in the people’s choice category at a well-regarded neighborhood beer festival back in 2010, a surprising feat for a homebrewer. Adam’s American brown then won a silver medal at the 2012 National Homebrewer Competition.

That brown will be pouring from one of the 12 taps when Reuben’s opens its doors, along with the brewery’s American rye. Other rotating creations might include an imperial IPA, an IPA made with rye, a black lager, or a weizenbock, a more powerful version of a dunkel weizen. Clearly Adam Robbings is quite enamored with British, German, and Belgian-style beers—a nice change of pace here in IPA country.

Reuben’s Brews will be open 3–8 on Thursday and Friday, noon–8 on Saturday, and noon–5 on Sundays.

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