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Calling All Rainier Drinkers

As far as social media campaigns go, this call to restore the brewery’s “R” sign is pretty clever.

By Allecia Vermillion July 25, 2012

Complete some goofy challenges to help light up this sign. Image via Wexley School for Girls.

 Rainier Beer: Before it was Ren-yay, or a Pabst product, Seattle’s hometown beer was produced at a sprawling facility in Georgetown, topped by a giant lighted red “R” sign. Now a Tully’s Coffee logo occupies that prominent perch next to I-5, the beer is brewed godknowswhere (technically Irwindale, California, by Miller Coors on behalf of Pabst), and that 12-foot-high illuminated letter is on display at MOHAI.

As part of its move to South Lake Union, the Museum of History and Industry called upon Pabst and Wexley School for Girls (a local advertising agency that does not actually educate any young ladies) to help light up the “R” once again. The result is a social media campaign that would even impress the Brothers Canlis.

The beer conglomeration will pay for a full restoration of the sign, but illuminating each of the 258 lights requires participation from the public. The “Restore the R” campaign has devised a list of challenges, which includes “get acupuncture in the shape of an R” or the awfully open-ended “provide evidence of Rainiers and gourds having fun together.” Be the first to submit video proof of completing any one of these challenges (creativity is encouraged) and another light goes on. The website has the full list, details, instructions, and such. Participants get to attend the actual lighting of the sign when MOHAI reopens in December.

The real reason the folks at Wexley are marketing geniuses: The people who undertake these challenges are a broadcast media bonanza.

And finally there’s this time lapse video, which merits a few minutes of workplace procrastination.

Restore the R from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

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