Kickin’ Boot brings in some notable kitchen talent.

Anybody hoping for a rerun of Bo Maisano’s popups will have to table those expectations, at least for now. The seasoned Seattle cook has taken the position of executive chef at the coming-soon Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen.

In early May Maisano organized a series of noodle-focused dinners, dubbed Bo Ramen, at Geraldine’s Counter and Skelly and the Bean. Their success was notable, and allowed Maisano the opportunity to tread new territory. "It’s a breath of fresh air," Maisano said then of his newfound focus. But with Kickin’ Boot, Maisano returns to a near-and-dear cuisine.

"It’s back to some home cooking for me," says the New Orleanian.

So, are future popups off the table? "They were very successful and I will definitely be returning to them when the time comes," promises Maisano. "Right now I’ve got my hands full."

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