Beer Matters

Getting Schooled on Seattle Beer

Forget book learnin’. This is beer learnin’.

By Allecia Vermillion July 2, 2012

This pose wouldn’t fly at my high school. Photo of Hilliard’s cofounder Ryan Hilliard by Patrick Kehoe.

For my money, the Fourth of July is a beer holiday. Hence it’s awfully timely that our July issue sings the praises of some of the local beers, breweries, and bottle shops in the area. And what better way to discuss 21-and-over refreshments than in a high school yearbook format?

Check out our Class of 2012 Beer Book (some local brewers were particularly good sports about taking fun yearbook photos), and study up on Beer Bars 101. And yes, clearly we had to bestow the term Shop Class on our roundup of bottle shops.

If that isn’t enough beer learnin’ for you, the Beeriodic Table rounds up 93 of the region’s elemental brews. By way of continuing education, we examine the joys of funky sour beers, why craft breweries are warming up to cans, and how low-alcohol session beers don’t have to be boring or flavorless. But my favorite part of this package was researching three excellent Poulsbo breweries that make for a beer-fueled field trip.

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