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Anthony Bourdain Shooting in Seattle

The Layover’s Seattle episode will air some time this fall.

By Allecia Vermillion July 10, 2012

Apparently food TV shows come in droves during Seattle’s narrow window of summer. Photo via the Travel Channel.

At least Anthony Bourdain and his production team aren’t as ridiculously secretive as the magical elves over at Top Chef. Eater Seattle says the rangy, delightfully caustic TV host has arrived in town for the aforementioned shooting of his show The Layover. So far Bourdain has cruised the cheese counter at Calf and Kid, put back a few cocktails at Rob Roy (sans music) and dined at Canlis —not a bad stopover at all. Our sources also say he will be shooting at Walrus and the Carpenter. The author-host-cook-curmudgeon-graphic novelist visited Seattle back in 2007, but we had to share that episode with Portland, since, you know, the entire Pacific Northwest is just one flannel-clad, lumpable entity.

It seems that Dinette is no longer part of the shooting schedule. Which is a shame since the Olive Way restaurant displays all the unfussy, off-the-cuff charm that typifies Seattle, without being as obvious as other choices. Plus, Bourdain’s missing out on those sandwiches.

Where else have you seen Bourdain? Where else should he go? Who’s burned out on all this obsessive coverage of shows on the tee-vee coming to Seattle? At least this time he gives our fair city its own episode. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the show’s new season airs in the fall fall to see our city through Bourdain’s bleary eyes.

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