Food styling by Jean Galton

We got the heartburn and the Lipitor; you get the benefit of our yearlong research binge.

The Seattle area is overflowing with cheap eats—youth culture plus ethnic diversity plus food obsession equals a tightwad’s buffet—and we are the first to declare that this list is but the tip of a freakishly large iceberg. Everyone defines “cheap” differently, and we went with joints that cost under about $15 per person. Mostly way under. Lucky you’ve got us to tell you, urp, where.

Seattle Cheap Eats, A to Z

Seattle Happy Hours Around the Clock

Meal Deals

Cheap Dates

World Tour: Noodles

World Tour: Sandwiches

World Tour: Fried Chicken

World Tour: Savory Pastry

Seattle’s Best Restaurants for Cheap Eats: Directory

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