Tasty sober, even tastier buzzed. Photo courtesy High 5 Pie.

They may not always take off, but late-night menus are kind of a no-brainer for Capitol Hill, that bastion of bar time activity. The latest to get in the game: High 5 Pie.

"It’s going to be pretty simple, but hugely delicious," says owner Dani Cone of her decision to open a window catering to the weekend party crowd. (Cone notes "window" is used loosely here; the setup actually is a cart stationed at the front door.)

Service will run Friday and Saturday nights 10pm till 3am, or until the grub is gone. Bar hoppers can look forward to the handheld pocket pies called Flipsides—two savory, two sweet—and drip coffee. "They’re easy to eat on the go—the street food version of pie."

Plans are tentative, but Cone hopes to launch things by the end of the month, ideally Friday, June 29.

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