Repeal Revelry

Where to Drink on Washington Repeal Day Eve

It’s a holiday in the making: Fifteen local distillers and a fleet of bars bid farewell to state-run liquor sales.

By Allecia Vermillion May 31, 2012

Bars around the city are drinking local tonight. Here’s a larger version of the poster, so you can tell what’s pouring where.

Repeal Day generally refers to December 5, the anniversary of Prohibition’s demise. But as of tomorrow, that term takes on a whole new meaning here in Washington. The voter initiative to privatize liquor sales goes into effect tonight at midnight.

Not everyone is happy about this momentous shift (even some of the people who voted for it), but the Washington State Bartenders Guild has put together a Washington Repeal Eve party that celebrates the whole “local spirits enter the free market” aspect of the changeover. This shindig is happening at bars around the city, where bartenders will unleash new cocktails made with Washington-produced gin, vodka, aquavit, whiskey, and more.

Here’s the entire lineup of bars and booze, in nifty poster form. Each venue is partnering up with a specific distiller, so at, say, MistralKitchen, bar manager Matt Bailey has a summery new creation made with Novo Fogo’s organic aged cachaca (technically made in Brazil but based in Bellevue). Novo Fogo owner Dragos Axinte will also be mixing up cachacacentric drinks from 7 to 9. Meanwhile Captive Spirits is planting its flag at at Bottleneck Lounge, for the night, and distiller Ben Capdevielle will be in the house from 8 to 9. In the house all night: a special “Captive Convert” cocktail. You get the idea.

Also, the First and Mercer location of Metropolitan Market is counting down, New Year’s Eve–style, to the exact moment when it can start selling the hard stuff. Oola Distillery’s Brandon Gillespie will be there, so will Orlin Sorensen of Woodinville Whiskey, Steven Stone of Sound Spirits, Fremont Mischief’s Mike Sherlock, and other local distillery folk. Marvel at the grocery store’s first-ever liquor transaction over some liquor-infused appetizers.

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