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Volterra Comes to Kirkland

The Ballard Ave mainstay will open on the other side of Lake Washington this fall.

By Christopher Werner May 7, 2012

A Volterra offshoot is coming to Kirkland.

Expansionary news to kick off your week: Don Curtiss and Michelle Quisenberry of Ballard Ave mainstay Volterra are planting a second restaurant on the other side of the lake.

According to Quisenberry, Volterra 2.0 will debut at 121 Kirkland Avenue in early fall. “It’s always been in the back of our mind to open something on the Eastside,” she added, and not for nothing—in its seven years the restaurant has a accrued a decent amount of regulars hailing from there.

At 2,500 square feet the sibling restaurant is about the same size as the celebrity-swooning original. It will maintain a similar look and feel but with some more modern flourishes, since the offshoot is going in a newly constructed building. Quisenberry describes the aesthetic as a cross between Volterra and its neighboring Volterra Drawing Room, a catering and event space. No alfresco options at the moment, but the idea of building a patio isn’t off the table, says Quisenberry.

Curtiss’s Tuscan-leaning menu also will reflect that of its predecessor, and the plan is to serve lunch on weekdays, dinner nightly, lunch again on Saturdays, and Sunday brunch. Be on the lookout for happy hour offerings, too. Curtiss and Quisenberry, who will split their time between the two locations, will cross-utilize staff members. That way diners will “feel like they’re going to Ballard” minus the trek.

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