Redmond phenom Black Raven Brewing will be grilling up brats at Hopvine. Photo via Black Raven’s Facebook.

Each day during Seattle Beer Week, Sauced will recommend a few picks from the ever-growing calendar.

Much like the weather, today’s event schedule is insanely good. These picks don’t even begin to cover the brewer nights, beer dinners, or tidal wave of cask-conditioned, rare, or otherwise notable beers being unleashed in bars, restaurants, and bottle shops around the city.

8oz. Burger Bar
Exotic Meats and Local Lagers

At first glance, Capitol Hill’s new burger restaurant comes off as awfully corporate, but the service has a great vibe, and friends and colleagues of all stripes have been raving about the burgers. Tonight Emerald City Beer Co. is paying a call (they brew in the Old Rainier Building next to I-5) to pair its Dottie Seattle Lager, Betty Black Lager, and Ivana Pale Lager with a trio of veal, lamb, and wild boar sliders.

Chuck’s 85th Street Market
Beer and Ice Cream Pairing
$10 for a flight of four pairings

The great thing about beer—it pairs with cheese, chocolate, savory foods, and even ice cream. Chuck’s, a covertly awesome beer shop, is bringing in Widmer Brothers and the frozen stylings of Full Tilt Ice Cream to win a few converts to this seasonally appropriate pairing.

Black Raven Brewing and BBQ

Black Raven Brewing’s taproom in Redmond is absolutely, positively worth a visit. But tonight the brewery is bringing its complex creations to Capitol Hill, and throwing some brats on the grill. Black Raven’s beer is spectacular in its standard form, and positively mind blowing after being conditioned in a cask.

Pike Brewing Co. (Museum Room)
Northwest Women in Beer
$20 (includes five tasting tickets)

This gathering is for ladies who generally eschew cosmos, novelty vodka, and those sparkly pink straps that let you carry a wine glass around your neck. Expect snacks, brews, and a strong turnout of women who make, sell, and consume beer. Dudes are welcome too.

The Troll
12-Pack at the Troll

When I interviewed Beer Week organizer Ian Roberts a few weeks back, he mentioned this flash-mob-cum-outdoor-drinking-session as one of his favorite events of the week. As the name implies, people just show up at the troll with beer, drink it, then scatter into the night. It’s the essence of Seattle’s beer community, distilled into one semirogue gathering.

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