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Seattle Beer Week Picks: What to Drink May 14

Day five is for bingo, bulls, and Randall handling.

By Allecia Vermillion May 14, 2012

Photo via Seattle Beer Week Facebook page.

Each day during Seattle Beer Week, Sauced will recommend a few picks from the ever-growing calendar.

Didn’t get enough Beer Week this weekend? Today’s schedule is overflowing with events, and you couldn’t ask for better beer-drinking weather.

Here are some highlights for Monday.

Brouwer’s Cafe
Ride the Bull

Fremont’s destination for uncommon and exotic brews will be pouring uncommon and exotic brews from…Missoula. Reps from Montana’s Big Sky Brewing will be serving up cans of Big Sky IPA for the first time in Seattle, but let’s be honest, here: The real draw is the mechanical bull. Is it possible to ride one of these suckers ironically? We’ll find out tonight.

Emmer and Rye
Meet the Brewers: Pike, Scuttlebutt, and Alpine

Beer Week isn’t all bull rides and tattoos. One of the biggest draws is a chance to encounter new beers (and the men and women who brew them) in relaxed and nonintimidating settings. This event strikes a happy medium between wandering into a bar, and a full-on, five-course beer dinner.

Pyramid Breweries Seattle Alehouse
Beer Bingo

Okay, I admit. I include this event for the sole reason that I love bingo with a deep and abiding passion. Plus it’s free to play, and this game of minimal skill and logic goes down better with Pyramid beer specials.

The Pine Box
Can You Handle My Randall?

This event wins points for its name alone, but the sensory-challenging mashups of beer and flavor notes are absolutely worth the trip to Capitol Hill. One of the coolest features of the Pine Box is its built-in Randall tap, which infuses a beer with whatever flavoring elements you put inside. Tonight the bar will have an unholy number (eleven) of Randall taps in the house, and will be serving up combinations like Flyers Pacemaker Porter with coffee and vanilla beans, Fremont’s Summer Ale with Thai basil and lemongrass, and a dark, smoky Emelisse Rauchbier with bacon.

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