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Seattle Beer Week Picks: What to Drink May 11–13

Days two, three, and four contain pig roasts, free tattoos, beer can races, and brewer faceoffs.

By Allecia Vermillion May 11, 2012

Quinn’s hosts a bevy of Beer Week events, including its annual pig roast and an epic half-off happy hour that lasts all week. Photo via Facebook.

Each day during Seattle Beer Week, Sauced will recommend a few picks from the ever-growing calendar.

This weekend is the thick of Seattle Beer Week, and the list of events is mighty. Oh, beer-curious Seattleites, I beseech you: Consult the official event listing, because there are more great happenings on here than one human could possibly handle. Many of them are casual drop-in affairs, aka easy and inexpensive opportunities to try something new.

Here are some highlights for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Beer O’Clock
All day

The bar’s already-impressive Beer O’Clock happy hour gets amped up, offering the entire beer list at half price for all of Seattle Beer Week. Any draft beer, any rare Trappist ale or $19 bottle—all half off. Plus good food…which you will need to combat the effects of half-priced Belgian beers. In all seriousness, if you’ve been curious about certain beers or styles, but put off by the high price tags, this is an excellent forum for some fiscally sound beer exploration. Or a full-throttle spending spree.


Urban Family Public House
Avery, Boneyard, and Fromage

Beer and cheese are a natural pairing, and in many ways, a far more local duo than wine and cheese. Weigh in on this grand debate by sampling some combinations at Urban Family. The bar’s 25 taps, usually a shrine to all things Belgian, will be taken over by Avery Brewing out of Colorado, and Bend, Oregon’s Boneyard Brewing. These are two breweries we don’t see nearly enough of in Seattle, and their wares will each come with a companion cheese, designed to bring out the best flavors in both. This is one of those drop-in events where you can sample something and move on, or park it for the entire night. Check the Beer Week calendar for other beer and cheese events.

Pub at Piper’s Creek
Inking and Drinking

Clearly, there’s no better environment to make lifelong decisions about decorating your body than a bar. This event was a big hit last year, and basically consists of tattoo artists offering free ink to drinkers—as long as said ink is the combined logo of sponsoring breweries Skagit River and Left Hand. Requests for butterflies, dolphins, and faux Asian symbols will come with the usual fee, and probably a bit of side-eye from fellow drinkers.


The Pine Box
Pine Box Derby
Remember the Pinewood Derby, that oh-so-wholesome racing event where kids (and helicopter parents) build their own little cars and race them down a hill? Capitol Hill’s newest beer bar is recreating that tradition—except with cars made out of empty craft beer cans. Participants can build a car at home, or get creative on the spot after draining a can of New Belgium, Hilliard’s, Two Beers, Church Key or Seven Seas. The full rules are over here and the winners get a lifetime supply of household cleaners and sponges. Just kidding…they totally get beer.

Pig Roast
Tickets $35 at the door (if the event isn’t already sold out)

This one ranks high in the annals of Beer Week traditions; a ticket gets you unlimited quantities of pork and beer. And this year Scott Staples’s gastropub has doubled its pork offerings to keep up with the demand for tickets. This year’s pig roast gets washed down with Fremont Brewing beers, including some special casks. There’s a homebrewing competition component as well.


Beveridge Place Pub
Iron Brewer Triple Header

Here’s how it goes down: The bar came up with three sets of ingredients, assigned each one to a pair of local breweries, and now the beers go head to head in a public tasteoff. Black Raven and Odin will be bringing blackberry and lavender brews, Seven Seas and Port Townsend worked with coconut and lemongrass, and Silver Cities and Airways will rock some apricot and almond creations.

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