Seattle Restaurant Openings

Pie Opens This Week at the Armory

It’s the first of many imminent debuts at the renovated Seattle Center food court.

By Christopher Werner May 21, 2012

Pie at Seattle Center will prepare a dozen kinds of palm-sized pastries. Photo via Facebook.

And the first to the finish line at Seattle Center House is… Pie

Jess Whitsitt reports the bakery she and Renee Steen are planting  at the epicly overhauled Armory will get things going this Thursday, May 24. However, eager types can swing by Wednesday between 12:30 and 2:30 to preview the space and sample $2 bites.

The offshoot of the Fremont shop will make on site the duo’s signature hand pies, both sweet and savory. Whitsitt also talks of serving Full Tilt ice cream, soups and salads, Victrola coffee, and local brews. Hours are 11–8 to start. After a few weeks they’ll run 8–8—just as the the rest of those Armory eateries should be up and running.

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