Outlander Brewery and Pub: coming soon to 225 North 36th Street in Fremont.

Dragan Radulovic and Nigel Lassiter, the guys Seattle Beer News reported on last month, have secured a location for their new brewpub. Outlander Brewery will open at 225 North 36th Street in Fremont, ideally in time for the neighborhood’s fabled Solstice Parade.

At first glance the address seems an unlikely locale for a watering hole, let alone a beer making operation. The navy blue house (yes, house) dates from the early 1900s; previously it was a soup-and-sandwich spot. But Radulovic and Lassiter have a clear vision and are embracing the atmosphere.

They’ve populated two sitting rooms with various salvaged chairs and tables that, like the interior, conjure images of decades past. A phonograph from the 1940s resides in one corner—people will be able to bring in records and play what they want, says Radulovic. The goal, he added, is to create a "Victorian-style pub." They use words like "mellow" and "chill" to describe the vibe they’re going for, a purposeful contrast to some of the rowdier drinking establishments nearby.

In the basement brewmaster Lassiter will prep 30 gallon batches of "unusual beers." A homebrewer for five years, Lassiter talks of ingredients like chilies, strawberries, and mangos, and varieties like peanut butter stout, baltic porters, and saisons. The upstairs bar (what is now the kitchen) will offer five rotating taps, three of them Outlander, plus 15-20 bottles, mostly imports. A few stools will line the counter, which is getting built this weekend.

Radulovic, a longtime restaurant industry vet, will helm a full food menu (smart idea) infused with brews: stout cheese pate, salads with sudsy dressing, beer sausages he’ll grill on the patio, which will seat another 20 people and play host to various events. Also expect beer and food pairings. "We’re trying to be somewhat sophisticated," grins Lassiter.

The duo is planning a happy hour, and will serve both lunch and dinner (but, says Radulovic, no fried food). Check out the Outlander website for updates.

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