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Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

Spring is in the air. And so is barbecue smoke, pizza piquancy, and hints of African spice.

By Brandon L. Bye April 6, 2012

Come n’ git it. Rollin’ Q photo via Michelle Lowe.


Afrikando Banadir
The Stranger’s Bethany Jean Clement says the chef behind the former Afrikando Afrikando is back in action firing up West African dishes just south of downtown Columbia City. The new digs, now called Afrikando Banadir, is looking sharp, with a sun-yellow interior sure to brighten your experience.

Deo Valente
Last week The Stranger’s Clement also pointed light rail pub-crawlers to the brand-new Deo Valente. Deo Valente is an Italian cafe planted near the Othello light rail station. Owner Rob Libert plates traditional Italian fare from bruschetta to gelato, spinning the gelato himself. For libations, beer and wine take the ticket—no amaro, unfortunately.

Rollin Q
For some new street eats check out husband-wife duo Michelle and Darrell Lowe’s Texas-style barbecue truck. On Wednesday they fired up the grill, the griddle, and the custom wood smoker in South Lake Union. Rollin Q will be rolling across the city offering savories and sweets. Keep an eye out for the big purple truck wafting barbecue smoke.

Seattle Fish Company
The savory smells of grilled, fried, and steamed fish fill the air at this new seafood market, according to West Seattle Blog. As owner Jon Daniels wades through the red tape of liquor control—beer and wine to come—customers can order from a variety of fresh local seafood and other non-seafood items, too, prepared by Dave Harris of the former Chelsea Deli of Other Coast Cafe.


The downtown wine bar and restaurant, has closed, apparently due to lease issues. No word on who is taking over the space, but as Seattle Met’s Allecia Vermillion points out, the new leasers will have a fine patio to work with.


Elliott Bay Brewing Co.
Longtime Tom Douglas sous chef and “beer czar” Warren Peterson left T-Doug’s empire to work in the kitchen at Elliott Bay Brewing’s new Lake City outpost, which opened March 26. Now the brewpub has confirmed to Nosh Pit that Peterson has already departed.


Ballard Pizza Company
Ethan Stowell, prolific Seattle restaurateur, plans to toss the pizzeria’s inaugural dough next week. For whole pies and fat slices in the New York style, get over to Ballard Ave.

Café con Leche
For “the only traditional Cuban food in Seattle” Pedrito Vargas’s, owner of the former Paladar Cuban truck, promises to deliver sometime in April.

Cupcake Royale
The cupcake shop is expanding downtown, according to Seattle Magazine, taking over the Pine Street address currently occupied by The Chocolate Box. Cupcake Royale is also launching a cupcake-inspired ice cream line this summer, but Chris Werner notes an ironic twist: Since the Chocolate Box is closing, Molly Moon’s must close its downtown ice cream counter…but has its own plans to get into the cupcake biz.

Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen
Ballard’s barbecue trend continues. And so does another Seattle restaurant trend: warehouse repurposing. The team behind the Matador, Zak Melang and Nate Opper, offer their southern fare with views of Salmon Bay.

The Neighbor Lady
From the people who brought you the Twilight Exit: The Neighbor Lady. The Central District’s newest bar, serving Southern-classic cocktails, boasting a veggie-focused-but-not-exclusive menu, plans to welcome in the neighbors on April 13.

Pagliacci Pizza
Madison Parkers, if cozy settings, chalkboard menus, and wood-fired pie are not your cup of tea, then you’re in luck. Central District news reports, Pagliacci plans to open an outpost near Madison Park.

Philly Boys Cheesesteak
Born-and-bred Philadelphian John Schofield brings Seattleites a taste of his hometown. Set to open May 1, Schofield and his crew are opening a Philly Boys Cheesesteak takeout counter to compliment their food truck of the same name. East Coasters, converge and indulge in some traditional—white cheese or Whiz—cheesesteak action! Hot dogs and hand-cut fries are also available.

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