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Philly Boys Cheesesteaks to Open Take-Out Counter in SoDo

Look for it in early May.

By Christopher Werner April 4, 2012

Philly Boys Cheesesteaks, soon available via trailer or take-out. Photo via Facebook.

John Schofield, one of the guys behind food truck Philly Boys Cheesesteak, says he and his crew are opening a take-out counter at 3201 Fourth Avenue South. Schofield is aiming for the offshoot to open May 1.

In the last thirteen months that address has become a go-to for East Coast expats and really, any cheesesteak buff. It’s where Schofield can be found flexing his sandwich mastery in the Philly Boys truck, which occasionally travels but generally stays put. (It’s also the site of Schofield’s auto shop, A.C. Automotive). Where the mustard-tinted trailer will go once the counter opens, Schofield isn’t sure. Maybe near the stadiums or Port of Seattle, or possibly Northern Seattle.

The born-and-bred Philadelphian started making his hometown’s great culinary export at age 16. It wasn’t until he served his sandwiches at fundraisers here on the Eastside that he got serious about selling them. In early 2011 he traveled cross-country to fetch the trailer that would become Philly Boys Cheesesteak. He spent nine days towing it, and on March 8 of last year, it opened.

While the Philly Boys deal in traditional steak sandwiches (for those who are wondering, the cheese is either white or Whiz), they do offer several fun interpretations, like the pizza one with mozzarella and marinara, as well as hot dogs and hand-cut fries.

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