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Seattle’s New Ballpark Sustenance

New Ethan Stowell creations and Field Roast franks and burgers for Mariners fans, while Sounders faithful get Beecher’s mac and cheese.

By Allecia Vermillion April 12, 2012


The Mariners’ home opener is this Friday (the 13th) means a new lineup of ballpark food to explore. Eater Seattle listed some sure bets last week (hello, poutine), and here are a few well-known local names that are also happy to keep you fueled while offering fervent support, impassioned jeers, or just warming the seats and drinking beer at Safeco—and a bonus new food item at the CLink.

Stadium: Safeco
Food: Ethan Stowell-a-rama
Coordinates: All over the place

Last year the omnipresent Seattle chef helped develop locally sourced burgers and crepes for the ballpark’s fancy new food and drink plaza. This year’s additions include Stowell-designed sandwiches of pulled pork or beef brisket—smoked at the ballpark—at the Holy Smoke BBQ concession (sections 105, 119, 313), and Italian sausage and cheddar bratwurst from Carlton farms at the two Double Play Sausage and Chicken locations (sections 136 and 340). His original Hamburg and Frites counter has added an oyster po’boy made with Taylor Shellfish Farms oysters, and the Big League Burger stand (section 106) has some amped-up grass-fed offerings. Tan Vinh at The Seattle Times has a nice rundown of the new dishes.

Stadium: Safeco
Food: Field Roast franks and burgers
Coordinates: The Natural, Section 103; Hit It Here Cafe; High Cheese Pizza, Sections 109 and 329

No longer must vegetarians be excluded from that time-honored tradition, the ballpark hot dog. Local company Field Roast, known for creating surprisingly meaty meatless products, quietly launched a frankfurter stand in the park last year. The vegetarian frank claims supremacy over others because it’s made from grains that are ground, just like the meat in the traditional version. And for opening day, the company has just added a veggie burger, a new product currently only available at Safeco. The Field Roast version of a hamburger comes with ketchup, mustard and all the traditional fixings, while franks receive a chili dog, Japanese, or Indian-inspired topping treatment. Obviously you can also just opt for the usual mustard and such.

Stadium: CenturyLink
Food: Beecher’s Cheese
Coordinates: Sections 109, 120, and 126

Pike Place Market’s landmark cheese company isn’t just expanding to the airport. Beecher’s has opened three carts that will ply Sounders and Seahawks fans with its famous mac and cheese (sorry, not the impressive new gluten-free version) and tomato soup.

Stadium: Safeco
Food Drinks: Lookout Landing Bar
Coordinates: Down the left field line behind Sections 347 to 349

Another baseball season newcomer, this full-on cocktail bar will round out the booze with mini corn dogs, waffle fries with beer cheddar sauce, and other alcohol-absorbing hot snacks. The standby Hit It Here cafe also has a new sushi bar.

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