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Jemil’s Big Easy: Ready for Business

The Cajun cruiser plans to hit the road on Wednesday.

By Christopher Werner April 9, 2012

That’s some decal job. Photo via Jemil’s Big Easy.

UPDATE 4/10 Jemil’s is good to go.

If all checks out with a health department inspection on Tuesday morning, Jemil’s Big Easy will debut on April 11. The truck is the venture of New Orleans native and seasoned Cajun cook Jemil Aziz; he is launching it with Julie Little, a fellow instructor at Blue Ribbon Culinary Center and Coyote Central.

Assuming all does check out, this week the plan is to hit up the Starbucks headquarters on Wednesday. After that it’s South Lake Union on Thursday and on Friday through Sunday, 922 First Avenue South for the weekend’s sporting festivities. Going forward the schedule includes several of the usual spots—Mondays and Thursdays at Boren and Harrison in SLU, the Mermaid HQ on Wednesday—plus Canopy West at 11061 Tukwila International Boulevard on Tuesdays. Fridays you’ll likely find Aziz back in that First Avenue locale.

Speaking of Boren and Harrison, holy heck are there a lot of trucks parking there now.

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