Thai Curry Simple Opens Today in South Lake Union

The ID favorite expands (majorly) to Amazonia.

By Allecia Vermillion March 5, 2012

Opening a restaurant is an exhausting business. Photo via Facebook.

International District favorite Thai Curry Simple opens its South Lake Union location today, and between its existing fan base and the legions of proximate Amazon employees, you can almost hear the thrumming of hundreds of eager lunchers’ footsteps surging down Boren.

The space, formerly Bad Monkey Bistro at Boren and Harrison, seats about 75, says owner Mark Pinkaow. That’s roughly one million times larger than the original snippet of a location on Fifth Ave S, not to mention the half-dozen stools that appear outside the Capitol Hill walk-up window in nice weather.

The menu will be the same as the International District, with a few daily specials. Over the years the original $5 lunch menu that won so many fans has migrated its way to $6 and $7, but the curries and noodle dishes (and sweet mother, that roti) are still ludicrously, miraculously inexpensive. South Lake Union denizens, you are a bunch of lucky sonofabeasts.

The process of opening a new place will likely consume Pinkaow and his wife Picha for the next few weeks. But if all goes well, there’s talk of staying open into the evening here, and maybe bringing over the special Saturday menus Picha creates at the ID location.

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