Imagine this unforgettable setting, then add a kindofabigdeal chef from Portland, San Francisco, or Vancouver.

Back in 2007, Dan Bugge and Chester Gerl took over Matt’s in the Market, from eponymous founder Matt Janke. With Gerl in the kitchen, Matt’s has remained a delightfully archetypal Seattle restaurant, suitable for wowing visitors, or keeping all for yourself.

To celebrate the five-year anniversary, Gerl and Bugge are bringing in some heavy-hitting chefs from restaurants up and down the West Coast.

The series, dubbed Planes, Trains, and Traveling Chefs, starts Monday, April 16 with a chef named Gabriel Rucker. No big deal, just last year’s James Beard Rising Star Chef winner, and owner of the dynamite, perpetually packed Le Pigeon in Portland. Gerl and Rucker will take turns providing courses for a six-course meal, and collaborating on one dish. The dinner costs $125 per person. Tax and tip aren’t included, but wine is. Not an inexpensive night to be sure, but think of the mileage and hotel fare involved in seeing these chefs in their native kitchens. Plus you can’t beat the setting.

The series continues in the same format, with Vikram Vij of highly acclaimed Indian restaurant Vij’s in Vancouver on April 23. Then it’s back to the U.S. with superbutcher Ryan Farr of San Francisco’s 4505 Meats April 30, Pok Pok wing genius Andy Ricker on May 7, Atelier Crenn chef Dominique Crenn on May 14, and finally Beast meat maven Naomi Pomeroy (a Portland chef and a Top Chef Masters alum) on June 11.

Sign on for all six Monday night dinners and the cost goes down to $100 a person (again, without tax and tip). Call the restaurant to make reservations.

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