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A Corn Dog Cameo at Brave Horse Tavern

The summertime favorite returns for one day only March 16.

By Allecia Vermillion March 15, 2012

Tomorrow only: battered dogs on sticks. Photo via Brave Horse Tavern

It started with a note that a diner wrote to Brave Horse Tavern chef Brian Walczyk.

She started by lamenting the closing of Danny’s Wonder Freeze, “the creme de la creme of corn dogs and egg creams.” And oh, by the way, National Corn Dog Day is March 17, and this particular individual and her colleagues take food-related holidays quite seriously.

These batter-crusted sausages had themselves a moment last summer; Brave Horse Tavern and several other establishments around town served up some tasty upgraded versions of the carnival classic. But seasons change and so do menus. Is there a chance, the diner pleaded, that the beery South Lake Union gastropub could bring back its corn dog, even just for a day?

Walczyk is apparently an obliging guy. And so, for one glorious day on March 16, corn dogs return to the menu at Brave Horse Tavern—the 17th is reserved for St. Patrick’s Day revelry. Get these dogs from 11am till close. And please don’t take advantage of the chef’s good nature by bombarding him with requests about National Zucchini Day (August 8), National Lobster Day (June 15), or National Yorkshire Pudding Day (October 13). National Soft Pretzel Month, which happens in April, is presumably fair game.

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