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Thursday Tap Excitement at Urban Family

Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing says its beers have never been poured in Washington…until now.

By Allecia Vermillion February 8, 2012

Two offerings from Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing are about to get their own little tags on Urban Family’s wall of 25 taps.

Urban Family Public House prides itself on offering beers, mostly Belgian-style, that are tough to find elsewhere in Seattle. On Thursday night the Ballard Avenue newcomer plans to tap two new kegs, the contents of which have never before been poured in Washington State (well, officially at least).

Urban Family owner Tim Czarnetzki says he and partners David Powell and Sean Bowman visited Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing over Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the beers, particularly the Oregon Brown Ale and Sinister Black Lager. Being in possession of a specific type of purchasing license, the bar was able to pick up a keg of each when Bowman made a return trip south of the state line recently.

Czarnetzki says 10 Barrel isn’t just good: it’s relatively inexpensive for non-fratty beer. A pint of either will run you about $4.50. Depending on the beer, kegs at Urban Family usually last about nine days to two weeks. If patrons like the beer as much as Urban Family’s owners do, there’s a chance more kegs could make that trip up I-5. Also, 10 Barrel’s plans to grow to a 50-barrel brewing system (no, the name won’t change) means Seattle could get better acquainted with the wares of this fine brewery in the future.

The pub opens its doors at 4pm weekdays. Czartnetski is still on the hunt for a brewer for the beer-making side of Urban Family, but watch for a food program to debut shortly.

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