Diane Skwiercz of Street Treats has more than 40 recipes to her credit.

No surprise here: Diane Skwiercz, owner of Street Treats, is a sucker for sugar. “Seriously, I can’t live without sweets. They’re my daily indulgence. I have at least a few treats every day.”

She’s also big on traveling. “I have a fascination with just exploring,” says Skwiercz, an Issaquah native who has visited around 30 countries. “So a mobile truck was a natural fit.”

In June of 2010 Skwiercz launched her bakery on wheels. She’s since become one of the more active members in the local curbside community. Skwiercz organized the now-defunct Capitol Hill Night Market, and last summer she was a vocal supporter of revising the city’s street food regulations.

Here, Skwiercz pulls over for a few questions.

What items sell out first? Our sweet and savory krispy treat. The coconut brownie, all of our cookie sandwiches (the ones without ice cream), and surprisingly a good old chocolate chip cookie.

What else should I try? Our ice cream. We make it from scratch using eggs, milk, cream, and sugar only. It is super old-fashioned and it’s pretty rare to find this style these days. You can have it by itself, in a build-your-own cookie sandwich, or a root beer float.

Where do your recipes come from? We usually start with an idea, then do our research, and then test, test, test. Most times it takes at least a half dozen times.

Best part of the city relaxing street food regulations: Being able to vend in areas where it was off limits before, ilke the downtown core and the University District.

Biggest four-wheeled misadventure? Our second week in business I didn’t lock the customer service awning. We hit a bump and the awning flew open, hitting a metro bus and slashing the back three windows in the bus. We were vending at a Mariners game that evening and we still made it, but lesson learned.

When I’m not in my truck you can find me eating at… Home, I really enjoy cooking. I like trading food [with other trucks], it’s the luxury of the job! And my new favorite is Chino’s on Capitol Hill.

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