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Sunday Snouts and Stouts at Little Water Cantina

Local beer + roast pig = one hell of a monthly meal.

By Allecia Vermillion February 16, 2012

How do you take advantage of an awesome patio during colder months? Break out your Caja China and set up a pig roast. Photo: Little Water Cantina via Facebook.

Little Water Cantina is combining two of the more enjoyable Seattle food trends of late: Family-style Sunday-night meals, and our ongoing infatuation with whole animals. On the last Sunday of each month, the Eastlake Mexican restaurant is offering up an event alliteratively titled Snouts and Stouts. Chef-owner Shannon Wilkinson will be roasting a whole, naturally raised pig out on the restaurant’s stellar patio and serving it up (indoors, at least for now) in the form of pork tacos.

Fifteen bucks buys you “a traditional giant Mexican plate” of the aforementioned tacos, with beans, rice, and handmade tortillas, plus a pint of beer from whichever local brewery is partnering up for the occasion. This month Odin Brewing Co. will be representing, and Wilkinson has promised the full lineup on tap.

All this monthly pig and beer action happens from 5 to 9pm, starting February 26. Wilkinson says he’ll use that same beer to make the beans, and hopefully to brine the pig as well. Subsequent Odin pints will be $4. You can RSVP on the Facebook page if you like, but these monthly pork-fueled gatherings are designed to be casual drop-in affairs.

UPDATE—I would be remiss if I did not mention that the first pig roast will feature the musical stylings of Squirrel Butter. If for no other reason than it’s fun to type “Squirrel Butter.”

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