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Poquitos Launches Tequila Tasting Program

The Capitol Hill bar wants to school you on the agave nectar.

By Christopher Werner February 22, 2012

Tequila, it’s not just for shooting ya know.

Talk to enough bartenders and they’ll tell you tequila, shooter of choice among the Senor Frog’s set, is perpetually overlooked by more serious drinkers. “Tequila, depending on the region where it is grown, can have a large sweet aroma and a soft, herbaceous flavor and fragrance. Tequila makes for really delicious savory cocktails,” Veronika Groth of Chino’s once told Sauced.

Bars around town have done their part to elevate the spirit, and now Poquitos is on board.

The Capitol Hill spot is launching a flight program dedicated to the agave nectar. The flights—they start at $9 and climb up to $55, but most hover around the $12 price point—come with three samples curated from the bar’s lengthy selection of tequilas. The trios are bound together by some commonality: single village mezcals, recent award winners, aging processes. There are 14 to choose from, each one accompanied with the sort of liner notes Seattleites like to nerd out on.

Whether you’re on the patio, at the bar, or in the restaurant, the menu is available starting today, amigos.

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