Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff Will Open a Concession Stand on Green Lake

Veronica Weaver puts down roots in another Seattle neighborhood.

By Christopher Werner February 21, 2012

Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff is destined for the shores of Green Lake.

Joggers, may this be the ultimate test of your willpower. The owner of food truck Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff is not only planning a restaurant in West Seattle, she’s also opening a concession stand on Green Lake.

The shack is located on the western shores near a popular swimming area, says Veronica Weaver. It’s already outfitted and should be good to go by mid-April. In October Weaver put in a bid with city parks officials and just recently learned she won the five-year contract. The drama that has surrounded Marination’s proposal to vend on city property seems to have bypassed Weaver.

The stand will stay open year-round, and the menu will fluctuate depending on the season. For example, Weaver tossed around the idea of setting up a grill outside in warmer months. Offerings may differ slightly from the truck, but staples like burgers and cheesesteak sandwiches will obviously be available. One may also encounter pastries and coffee.

Speaking of the truck, Weaver promises it will continue running as usual. In fact, with so many projects in the pipeline she expects her staff to jump from just a handful of people to as many as 25.

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