Skee ball at King’s Hardware. Photo: Risa R/Yelp.

This morning Chris Werner shared a First Look at Phinney’s newly opened pizza spot, The Ridge. The family-friendly pizzeria (which moonlights as a bar) is talking about adding skee ball in the future. We could be wrong—but isn’t it a little dangerous to drink and throw heavy objects?

Safety concerns be damned. With its minimal skill requirements, this childhood arcade classic is a natural fit as a bar game. Bonus: The process of heaving that heavy wooden ball up the inclined ramp requires only one hand, meaning you never have to put down your beer.

We’re keeping tabs on The Ridge’s skee ball plans, but if you’re curious about where else to potentially knock someone out, we’ve got the scoop on other bars featuring this trending game. If shuffleboard’s more your thing, we’ve got you covered there as well.

King’s Hardware
A Ballard classic with an impressive happy hour from 4 to 7, and two very popular skee ball machines in back. Grab some sweet potato fries and get in line.

The Rabbit Hole
The divey Belltown sibling to Bathtub Gin and Co has cool drinks like The Donnie Darko and Jessica Rabbit—we’re told they might not be the best, but they’re strong. Drink one slowly and check out the two machines in the back, at just 25 cents a game. Try the hush puppies with lavender honey, too.

The Zoo
Eastlake’s Zoo Tavern is kind of the every man’s bar—that is if every man only drinks beer or wine, pays with cash, doesn’t mind some dirt, and loves parlor games. Hit the ATM before hand (or use the one inside), and prepare for ping pong, shuffleboard, and an old-school skee ball machine from the 1962 world’s fair, which we’re told is somehow (as most ancient things are), way cool. It takes quarters, is much longer than most skee ball machines, and still has the original chrome and handsome little details.

Auto Battery
This Capitol Hill spot emits a fun car-repair-shop theme due to their space (an old garage). More shuffleboard here, as well as Wii games, one skee ball table, air hockey, foosball, and lots of flat screens for watching any and every game.

Fun fact: Skee ball tables used to be 36 feet long—they shortened them to 10 to 13 feet because the average person is too weak to throw that far.

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