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The Lucky Diner Now Delivering to Belltown

Take heed, homebodies: This neighborhood spot will send a ridiculous variety of foods straight to your door.

By Allecia Vermillion January 12, 2012

No minimum and no delivery fee…though you’ll miss out on The Lucky Diner’s cheerful dinerrific space. Photo via Facebook.

Seattle’s food scene is epic and varied in many ways. Delivery is not one of them. No disrespect to the pizza, Chinese, Thai and Indian deliveries that have sustained many a rainy and lazy evening. But sometimes you just need a pork chop sandwich delivered straight to the couch. Or some biscuits and gravy. Or an omelet…wait, that probably wouldn’t travel well.

Good news for Belltowners who are subject to such dinnertime cravings: The Lucky Diner has begun delivery service from 5-10pm Monday through Saturday, and 5-9 on Sunday. Owner Justin Mevs says he’d like to expand the times (I’d guess the weekend morning hangover crowd would be quite lucrative) and the delivery zone if the service proves successful. Right now his delivery area is bounded by Western Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Denny Way and Virginia Street.

Mevs lets couch-based customers order off the full range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. And his menu, in true diner fashion, is a large one. He told me that offering delivery just seemed like a logical next step for an establishment focused on serving the neighborhood.

Since opening this past spring, the diner has given Belltown a much-needed destination for a casual meal from morning till night; it’s even open 24 hours Friday through Sunday. Servers in locally designed retro outfits serve up fare several notches above the typical greasy spoon versions. Mevs is big on serving the neighborhood rather than trying to become a destination restaurant…though the Lucky Diner’s Facebook page has more than a few pleas for delivery service to Ballard or West Seattle.

So give the Lucky Diner a call next time you’re feeling hungry and/or lazy. There’s currently no delivery fee or minimum order requirement…though Mevs says he might reevaluate that as the service becomes more established. Just remember: Tipping the delivery person is always a classy move. Especially when the weather is bad.

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