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Plans Move Forward for Marination Outpost at Seacrest Boathouse

Seattle Parks Department rejects an appeal challenging a change in food, beverage operators.

By Christopher Werner December 22, 2011

Marination’s Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton have their sights set on West Seattle.

It’s been a heady few weeks for the folks involved with the Seacrest Boathouse drama, but now plans are moving forward for Marination ’s Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton to take over operations at the waterfront property.

As West Seattle Herald reported, yesterday the Seattle Parks Department rejected an appeal by Alki Crab and Fish Company challenging a recent decision that named Edison and Saxton the new vendors at the boathouse.

Some background, per West Seattle Blog: For years Alki Crab and Fish Company has operated at the city-owned concession; months ago the parks people put out a bid for potential new tenants owing to Alki Crab’s contract expiring. The department awarded the bid to Edison and Saxton. The decision resulted in vigorous online petitioning and plenty of public outcry from West Seattle residents, and of course a call for review from Alki Crab owner Eric Galanti.

The Marination duo have said they had no intention of endangering an existing business—they thought only new businesses would be competing for the bid. Still, after yesterday’s decision Edison says “we have every intention of continuing the process to make this deal final.”

“We have some remaining due diligence we need to do before anything will be signed—since we have not yet even been inside the kitchen of this facility, and of course until City Council approves this it is not a done deal,” Edison continued via email. “However we hope things go smoothly from here on out, that no facility ‘red flags’ appear, and that we can proceed.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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