Morning Matters

All-Day Breakfast Sandwiches at Homegrown

All day, and every day.

By Christopher Werner December 20, 2011

Homegrown ups its breakfast game. Photo by Nick Feldman.

Ben Friedman of Homegrown reaches out to Nosh bearing most excellent news: that all three of he and Brad Gillis’s shops are serving breakfast sandwiches every day—wait for it—all day.

Egg-and-cheese buffs know Homegrown’s morning loaves are among the best in the city but previously were hard to come by if you didn’t roll out of bed before 10:30. Now, however, they’re being offered from 8 to 8. Happiness.

Oh, and there’s a new breakfast sandwich with smoked ham, Beecher’s cheese, and sage aioli that Friedman says is “pretty damn tasty.”

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