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First there was that restaurant in Germany that fired all its waiters in favor of at-table computers for ordering and automated table delivery. Soon iPads began replacing menus across New York. Now Palisade in Magnolia announces that it’s the first Seattle restaurant to launch an iPad wine list.

Allowing real-time updates and major green cred (Palisade’s paper list numbered 35 pages), the iPad wine list at Palisade also enables searches by grape, price range, even vineyard.

And menus aren’t the only aspect of dining out that can benefit from tech tweaks. Poquitos on Capitol Hill is but the latest of several local joints to sign on with Tabbedout, a service which allows you to settle up by mobile phone. The mobile payment service allows users to open a tab, view that tab in real time, then pay it from their phone.  

Tabbedout’s website lists some 19 other Seattle places that make use of their services, with conspicuous overrepresentation among the watering holes of Capitol Hill (Auto Battery, Unicorn) and Ballard (Sunset Tavern, BalMar, Hattie’s Hat).

All discussion of which is really just an excuse to flog the best technological restaurant development in town: Seattle Met’s own brand new, indescribably useful, really really smart restaurant app, available in the iTunes store. (Dig the critic’s picks!)

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