Brave Horse Tavern’s beer club should debut by December 1.


Brave Horse Tavern, already home to a multitude of beer-related events, is launching a beer club. A $10 annual fee gets you a fancy card confirming your allegiance to Tom Douglas’s South Lake Union gastropub, as well as $2 beers on Monday nights. That applies to any of the restaurant’s 24 taps; if you’re prone to Monday imbibement, that membership will pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

The pub is also planning some events exclusively for beer club members. Brave Horse rep Amy Richardson says there is talk of brewery tours, or certain time periods where the perpetually packed establishment is open only for those in the club. That ID card could also get you first crack at signing up for the beer dinners, brewer nights and other events that pack Brave Horse’s calendar.

Keep an eye out for membership details: Richardson says signup info should be up on the Tom Douglas events website within the next few weeks. She also promises some excellent swag. And remember, the first rule of beer club is…to not make any time-worn Fight Club references.

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