Condiment Craze

Nunya Sauce at Marination Station: It’s Happening

Jars of the signature condiment can be yours shortly.

By Christopher Werner October 20, 2011

It’s here! Marination’s Nunya sauce. Photo courtesy Marination facebook.

Back in April when I toured then-unopened Marination Station, co-owner Kamala Saxton spilled that the Capitol Hill counter would one day retail jars of Nunya sauce.

To the initiated, Nunya is a kicky original garnish of gochujang, garlic, green onions, and spices applied to Marination staples like the spicy pork torta and Korean pork tacos. The folks at Good Morning America are fans; Seattleites are batshit for it.

Now the day is here. Saxton says the condiment goes on sale starting Saturday (though a rep for the restaurant said the 24th), as do “Peppers in a Pickle.” One costs eight bucks, but, adds Saxton, “it comes with a free taco or slider. So really $5.75 when it’s all said and done.” Sold.

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