Need something to wash that sucker down? Taylor Shellfish is about to add wine and beer to its list of offerings.

Photo: Taylor Shellfish Farms via Facebook

Fans of Taylor Shellfish Farms’s charming new Melrose Market shop have been looking forward to the day when they can order up a wine or beer with their dozen Virginicas or Mediterranean mussels.

That day will soon be upon us.

“Pike Brewing’s ale and stout will be offered for sure,” says Taylor founder and famed oysterman Jon Rowley. “We might just go with one oyster wine and one crab wine to start off.”

The wines will be picked from among those on this list. Rowley creates this list by assembling a group of judges each year; the chosen ones spend hours sipping wine and slurping oysters, scoring the bottles based on how well they pair with the succulent bivalve bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

Rowley says it will likely take a few days to get the accounts set up, so stay tuned for the exact date when the alcohol will start flowing. Meantime, you can enjoy Taylor’s sea-plucked fare with a glass of wine next door at the equally charming Bar Ferd’nand.

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