Try Woodinville-made Single Silo Vodka tonight at Italianissimo.

Photo: PV Distillery

With about 40 distilleries now licensed in Washington State, this thing is getting pretty real.

Some of them have tasting rooms of course, but if you’re just taking a first toe dip into Seattle-area spirits, you might check out something like this: Tonight, Wednesday, September 14, Italianissimo Ristorante in Woodinville is having a sampling party on its patio. Pay $15, get the chance to try some cocktails featuring spirits distilled nearby.

Here’s what you’ll be tasting:
Project V Single Silo Vodka (one of my favorites among the local neutral grain spirits), Woodinville Whiskey Co. Headlong White Dog Whiskey, Soft Tail Vodka, Pacific Distillery Absinthe, and Voyager Dry Gin.

Appetizers will also be offered. Italianissimo—a family restaurant that cooks up what you might call unfussy Italian food—has really pillowy gnocchi. Consider having some of that while you’re out there.

The party begins at 5:30pm.

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