National Something Day

It’s National Punch Day!

Celebrating is not complicated.

September 20, 2011

Preparing the Punch by Walter-Dendy Sadler


If it’s September 20, it must be National Punch Day.

David Wondrich—esteemed author of the book Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl—lamented the choice of dates rather hilariously on Twitter today, and you can see his point. But as long as it’s here, we better celebrate it properly, no?

One way to do that is to march on over to Canon, Jamie Boudreau’s new bar on Capitol Hill. Just a few weeks into business and the place is already a smashing success, so arrive early in the evening to claim a place where you can receive tableside punch service.

Another source of punches is the Local Vine, just up the street from Canon. (Bartender Alison Sever shared a sherry punch recipe with us last winter, for which were much obliged). Just a hop, skip, and a jump from LV is Tavern Law, a popular source of punches such as Fish House, a potent potion concocted of dark rum, cognac, and peach brandy.

Heading west (hmm…a punch crawl may be in order), you’ll encounter Knee High Stocking Co. a little bar that serves punch in dainty cups that become empty quite quickly. So quickly, in fact, you may just forget to follow the rules. Another complicating factor is the reservation system, fortunately Eater Seattle did a helpful interview with one of the speakeasy’s gatekeepers.

But if you’re crossing the lake tonight, I’d like to remind you of an Evan Martin-invented punch that lives on at Naga Lounge. It’s a favorite among nerdy cocktail writers for good reason.

Wherever you go, proceed with caution. Punch is an intoxicant in the most serious sense of the word. So imbibe jovially but cautiously, or you’ll soon see stars.

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