Fitz, the Tantrums, and John Wicks (the guy in glasses).

When we learned Fitz and the Tantrums drummer John Wicks is a Seattle native, we figured he’d be game to divulge the delicious details of his recent pass through town. Right we were. Here, Wicks recounts his favorite Emerald City eats.

Coffee: Espresso Vivace, double short breve latte. “I was a barista for many years in Seattle and as a result, I am a tremendous coffee snob. My favorite spot is the ‘sidewalk bar’ because the baristas have been there forever, the quality control is amazing. It seems that all is right in the world when I see their faces behind the bar.”

Breakfast: “The #6” (two hotcakes, two strips of bacon, and two eggs with hashbrowns) at the Five Point Cafe. “During and/or after many drunken nights, I ended up at the Five Point either at 2am or nursing a hangover the next day. Since moving to Los Angeles, my good friend David Meinert has become the owner, so I had to pay it a visit to make sure he kept all of the ghosts and vibe still intact.”

Lunch: Three-star Massaman beef curry and mango sticky rice at Tup Tim Thai. “Being a Seattle native, I have certain comfort foods and institutions that I absolutely must visit every time I come home. I lived and worked in Lower Queen Anne for years and became so familiar with Tup Tim Thai and Dick’s Drive-In that I think it’s now part of my genetic makeup. The Thai food business in Lower Queen Anne is competitive, and there is a lot to choose from. Tup Tim Thai has been there for years and with good reason.”

Late-night dinner: Two cheeseburgers (one ketchup, one tartar), fries, and a medium Coke at Dick’s Drive-In on Queen Anne. “Even though I noticed that Dick’s must have recently raised their prices ( gasp! ), they still have the cheapest, fastest, and most beautifully simple burgers and fries in town.”

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