Yes, Seattle Celebrities Have Taken to Cameo

The video platform even started with a former Seahawk.

By Erin Wong March 2, 2021

Jewell Loyd (right) might let her guard down for a Cameo appearance. 

It all started when former Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh filmed a video of himself to congratulate a new father—and major fan. The story inspired the concept for Cameo, an app and website where celebrities field fan requests for personalized messages. “This is the new autograph,” founding CEO Steve Galanis told Entertainment Weekly.

The Cameo marketplace rolled out in 2017, but total sales from talent to fans rose a baffling 450 percent year-over-year in 2020. As actors, athletes, and musicians alike looked for lucrative home gigs, some 10,000 public figures joined up. 

Among the Seattle contingent, athletes appear most keen to connect with their fans. The Sounders, Mariners, Seahawks, and Storm all have players on Cameo, not to mention the SuperSonics we will never forget. You likely won't find a specific A-lister, but niche celebrities abound. If Gwen the Staten Island armadillo is on board, who’s to say Tahlequah the southern resident orca won’t be next? Here are some locals who are definitely up for a custom hello.

Edgar Martinez
The MLB Hall of Famer’s candid well-wishes may well be recorded during a dip in the pool.
Request: $111

Gary Payton
What do people get for Payton’s high price? The NBA Hall of Famer and SuperSonics icon mixes smiles and fatherly finger-wagging.
Request: $625

Kenny G
Of course Kenny G is on Cameo. The former local, known for long locks and ludicrously smooth jazz, has a formula down pat—a personalized intro followed by a sax serenade from the studio: “This one’s for you, Rebecca.”
Request: $275

Detlef Schrempf
This former NBA star donates all the proceeds from his calming videos to Erase the Hate, a joint fund of Seattle celebrities serving nonprofits from Black Lives Matter to the NAACP.
Request: $100

Jewell Loyd
One of the star players of the Seattle Storm records quick check-ins on the road and thorough shout-outs from her room.
Request: $30

Need some clarion vocals? Mary Lambert's got you. 

Dick Fain
The play-by-play voice for the Seattle Storm also donates his proceeds to charity.
Request: $29

Sam Lachow
From his home quarantine with a puppy in tow, the Seattle-t0-NYC rapper delivers his regards—somewhere between ramble and freestyle: “Put a reefer out / I hear you’re turning 24, you’re prolly geekin’ out.”
Request: $25

Mary Lambert
The singer-songwriter likes to record a little love from the heart, maybe even with a birthday song solo.
Request: $100

Jinkx Monsoon
The season-five winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race appears from the dressing room with a ukulele and impeccable eyeshadow.
Request: Currently on pause