Bartender Shuffle

Bartender Jared Scarr Joins the Canon Crew

The Vito’s drink mixer is the newest member of the cocktail team at Jamie Boudreau’s bar.

September 29, 2011

Canon's Jared Scarr gets behind the stick at the Hideout.

Sazerac sipper Jared Scarr is a favorite at First Hill throwback Vito’s. And while he’ll continue to work at that lowlit lounge, he has also begun to mix drinks at Canon alongside Nathan Weber and owner Jamie Boudreau.

For now, Scarr will be working Tuesdays and Saturdays at Vito’s. Thursdays and Fridays he’ll be at Canon. As is always the case with such shifts, they are subject to change. But if you want him to make you a drink tonight, for instance, you know where to go.

In less happy Canon news, Eater Seattle’s Allecia Vermillion reports that the bar recently lost 15 glasses thanks to an indelicate dishwasher. As anyone with an appreciation for vintage glassware knows well, this is a sad development indeed.

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