This is a photo of a Manhattan cocktails with some books and things around it.


Skillet bartender Jeff Greer finally woke up and told me what was in those happy hour cocktails. If you want one for $7, you have until 6pm today. If you can’t get there in time—I hear traffic downtown is a beyotch right now—the late-night HH starts at 10pm.


Marching Bands of Manhattan: rye whiskey, orange bitters, sweet vermouth, fernet branca

Alison Road: gin, elderflower, celery bitters, lime juice, absinthe washed glass

The Baptist: bourbon, Canton ginger liqueur, angostura bitters, burlesque bitters, ginger beer

Violet Femme: vodka, rosemary syrup, lemon juice, creme de violette

Greer says the last drink is the invention of Nathan Weber.

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