Free Food!

Today in Free Food: Street Treats Giving Out 100 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Head to Denny Triangle before noon to score your ’wich.

By Jessica Voelker August 17, 2011

Street Treats gives up the goods for free today in Denny Triangle.

Photo: Street Treats via Facebook

Update: Street Treats will be handing out the ice cream sandwiches at the corner of Terry and Lenora.

Seen on Twitter: Word from roving bake sale Street Treats that it will give away 100 free ice cream sandwiches today (Wednesday, August 18) beginning at noon.

The great ice cream giveaway will happen somewhere in Denny Triangle. Check Street Treats’s Twitter account at 11am for a location announcement.

Meantime, watch our video about the ice cream sandwiches at Street Treats. There’s a funny pregnant lady in it.

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