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Even More Details on Canon Seattle

Jamie Boudreau describes the food concept at his new bar.

August 9, 2011

The way in at Canon Seattle.

Photo: Canon via Facebook

But wait, there’s more! I asked Jamie Boudreau for some follow-up details on the food menu at Canon Seattle, his new bar on 12th Avenue East slated to open later this summer.

He said the menu will change at Chef Melinda Bradley’s whim, "weekly, monthly, whatever, not just with the seasons." It will consist of about 12 dishes (compare that to the cocktail menu, which will requires customers to choose from 100 distinct concoctions).

"Everything is meant to be shared, which means that a) you should be able to do so without picking up a knife and b) items will be portioned in even numbers. Nothing will be too fussy or precious. No style of food is off limits. My direction to her was that when you ate, you had to know that there was something in your mouth (nothing too subtle), when you finished you had to feel it in your belly, and when you shared you had to do so with ease. Everything had to be of good value and the food was allowed to be pretty as long as it wasn’t precious."

Boudreau says he met Bradley years ago through a friend and that the two reconnected again at another friend’s wedding. "She’s young," he says, "but has had some great experience at some great NY restaurants." Those restaurants include, according to Canon press materials, Bar Boulud and Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit.

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